Glass bottle filled with clear, liquid fragrance, topped with wood cap with reeds passing through cap into liquid. Bottle says “Alora Ambiance” and “Isola” and is by a tan box
Isola reed diffuser next to a piece of coral and a brass fish sculpture
Tall tan box that says "Alora Ambiance" and "Isola Reed Diffuser" is wrapped in a tan ribbon and sitting on a packet of reeds. Five small white flowers sit nearby.
Isola diffuser bottle laying next to figs and tuberose and gardenia flowers


Isola Reed Diffuser


Clean and classic, Alora’s iconic diffuser design complements any decor and perfectly scents your space with its ‘always-on’ aroma.

Best-selling Isola brings Hawaii home with its rich and creamy blend of gardenia and tuberose softened with a touch of fresh fig. This captivating, tropical beauty will transform any room into a beachfront lanai.

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Alora Ambiance diffusers are made with a blend of high-quality fragrance and natural essential oils. Our fragrances are vegan, not tested on animals and paraben, phthalate and DEP free.

Due to the natural content of the formulation, color may vary over time but the product remains safe and effective for use.

Our 8oz diffusers measure 14" tall and last 1-3 months. Our 16oz diffusers measure 17" tall and last 3-5 months. All diffusers include a set of reed sticks. Our glass diffuser bottles are 100% recyclable.

Made in Minnesota.

Isola diffuser bottle laying next to figs and tuberose and gardenia flowers

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