Best of: Birthday Celebrations

One of my favorite memories as a kid was our birthday celebrations. My mom always planned a simple birthday party for me - no jumpy castles or limousine rides - just a themed party with a matching cake made by our neighbor who was famous for her mock angel food cakes (anyone familiar with those?), a game or two of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and opening gifts before my friends (who were also the neighbors - small town perks!) walked home.
My son, Oscar, turns 11 on March 31st, so I've been looking back through old birthday photos. So bittersweet, but also incredibly fun to see how the traditions my siblings and I grew up with influenced the way I celebrate birthdays with my own family. Here are some highlights!
My 5th birthday party was "Bugs Bunny" themed.
 Perks of being a December birthday girl!
My older brother on his 3rd birthday. The firstborn gets two cakes!
My sister and her birthday Barbie plus the traditional meal with grandparents!
 Marie's 2nd birthday was a "pink party" - wig included!
When she turned 4, it was all about tiaras, dresses and a ballerina cake!
   Sweet neighbor, Lucy, helping celebrate Marie turning 6!
Big sis making sure Oscar blows out his 1st birthday candles correctly!
 Turning 8 is great!
Every 9-year-old boy's dream birthday present: a new Lego set!
"Helping" make daddy's favorite chocolate birthday cake! 
Happy 44th to daddy!
And mom's favorite: carrot cake! Made by Marie who is now the official family baker.
Grandpa's birthday is always special too - especially with his fave strawberry shortcake and two granddaughters eating it alongside him!
I'm grateful for all the birthday memories especially with my kiddos growing up so fast! We love incorporating new traditions into our celebrations, so if you and your family have any special birthday traditions I'd love to hear them!
Happy celebrating!


  • Sande S

    We had many of those mock angel food cakes too. They were absolutely the best! I enjoyed your sweet pictures!

  • Kendra Lewis

    These birthday memories are so magical and fun!

  • Sylvia B.

    Thanks for sharing your great birthday pics! They told an awesome story of family fellowship and lots of fun. I love that you followed your mom’s tradition of making birthdays special!

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