How to Use a Reed Diffuser & Other Frequently Asked Questions

Our luxury reed diffusers are beloved for their "always-on" fragrances and clean and classic design. However, setting them up properly and following a few tips and tricks are essential to getting the most out of your Alora reed diffuser. Today I'm answering a few frequently asked questions, to ensure your reed diffuser perfectly scents your space with minimal effort on your end. Here we go! 

Three reed diffusers on a tray next to a lamp

Reed Diffuser Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use a reed diffuser?

Start by setting up your reed diffuser. This can be done in a few simple steps. First unscrew the closed wood cap from the glass bottle. Replace it with the wood cap with a hole in the middle. Insert the diffuser sticks through the open cap and into the bottle. Immediately flip the sticks, so both sides of the sticks are saturated with the liquid fragrance. Flip the sticks, as needed, for desired intensity. I prefer to flip the scent sticks over a trash can, as the fragrance is flammable and can remove furniture finish. Watch how I setup a diffuser in the video clip below.

Does every Alora diffuser come with scent sticks? 

Commonly referred to as "sticks" or "reeds", every Alora diffuser comes with a full set of sticks. You can purchase additional packets of 8oz  or 16oz diffuser sticks on our website, if needed. 

Reed diffuser stick packet and sticks

What ingredients are in Alora reed diffusers?

All Alora Ambiance diffusers are made with a blend of high-quality fragrance and natural essential oils. Our fragrances are vegan, not tested on animals and paraben, phthalate and DEP free.

Variety of ingredients including flowers, fruit slices, etc.

How often should I flip the reed diffuser sticks?

Reed diffusers work because their fragrance evaporates into the air via the porous reed sticks. Flip the sticks to control the amount of fragrance in your space. Flip all the sticks in a bigger space or for stronger scent, or flip one or two sticks in a smaller space or for a smaller boost of scent. It's up to you! However, please note that flipping the sticks more often will cause the diffuser fragrance to evaporate more quickly.

Woman putting reed diffuser sticks into the glass bottle

What are the benefits of using diffusers to scent my home?

One trait that sets Alora diffusers apart from other home fragrance products like candles, scented plug-in's, oil warmers, and sprays, is reed diffusers are "always-on" without needing to be lit, spritzed, or plugged-in. This attribute enables them to be fairly hands-off while still providing a constant aroma in your space. Additionally, diffusers come without the risk of fire, something many customers find appealing.

What makes Alora reed diffusers special?

Alora diffusers are classic, luxurious and thoughtfully crafted with premium ingredients for longevity, depth and complexity that elevate any setting. Each luxury home fragrance is inspired by Therese's travels and time spent in Italy. Fashioned to withstand the test of time, Alora’s iconic ‘always-on’ diffuser fills your space with scent and style. 

Reed diffusers surrounded by various types of flowers

Are Alora reed diffuser scents safe for use around pets? 

Alora reed diffusers are generally safe to use around pets as there is no open flame, and our fragrances are made with quality ingredients. Just make sure to place them in a location where your pets cannot accidentally tip them over.

What types of home fragrances do you offer? 

Our luxury home fragrances fall into three primary categories: fresh, floral, and warm fragrances. We also offer limited-edition holiday scents during the holiday season.

Fresh Fragrances

Our fresh fragrances appeal to those who love the smell of freshly cut grass, a salty sea breeze, bouquets of fresh herbs, being in an evergreen forest or citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, bergamot, grapefruit and mandarin. You can find best-sellers like Bimbi, Verde, and more fragrances in this scent family.  

Agrume diffusers laying on a bed of cut fruit

Floral Fragrances

For flower lovers, our floral fragrances include a broad mix of soft musky blooms, classic rose, delicate jasmine and lang ylang plus lush exotics such as gardenia and tuberose. Fan favorite fragrances such as Isola, Due, and Bella are found in this scent family.

Diffuser on a bed of flowers

Warm Fragrances

Alora's warm fragrances are ideal for those who love the coziness of vanilla and amber, woody classics like sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli or a little spice from cinnamon. Our warm fragrance family includes cozy favorites like Vaniglia, Caldo, and Tre.

Tre diffuser on wood coins sitting on a brown background

How do I know which scent is the best home fragrance for me?

Take our 3-question Fragrance Finder Quiz to quickly discover the best fragrance for your space. I also wrote this blog post as a guide to help folks find the perfect fragrance to gift (yourself or a loved one). If you're still feeling stuck, please reach out to me at, and I can help you find an Alora fragrance you love.

How long do your reed diffusers last?

One thing that sets Alora fragrances apart from competitors is our long-lasting home fragrances. Our 8oz diffuser fragrances last 1-3 months while our 16oz diffuser fragrances last 3-5 months.

One small and one large reed diffuser in a pink kitchen with woman in back cutting a cake

Do you offer reed diffuser refills? 

We do not offer refills for three reasons. First, after using one bottle of fragrance the sticks are fully saturated and will not wick additional fragrance (see image below). Second, pouring new fragrance into an old diffuser bottle may alter the fragrance's scent. Last, we package and ship all of our liquid fragrances in glass bottles, so you would receive a new glass bottle regardless. 

Yellow saturated diffuser reeds next to white, new diffuser reeds

How do I create a home fragrance system in my home?

Using a mix of Alora products is a fun and effective way to create a customized home fragrance system. For example, using an always-on diffuser provides consistent fragrance, while lighting an Alora candle adds another layer of fragrance and creates a cozy and intimate setting.

Another example of layering fragrance is starting with an always-on diffuser as your base and spritzing our room sprays before guests arrive for an extra special welcome.

Choosing which scents to layer is totally up to you! For something unique, mix  fragrances by either complimentary notes or season. For example, gardenia-lovers could choose our best-selling Isola diffuser and add an Arancia candle - both feature notes of gardenia. Or, to create a cozy vibe for fall, mix our warm-scented Tre, Caldo and Vaniglia fragrances. For the holidays, our gift sets are the perfect way to layer a signature diffuser and candle. You can build your own or choose a sets with diffusers and candles in the same scent.

Regardless of how you choose to layer our fragrances in your home, they're fashioned to combine with your personal style to make your home unforgettable and charmingly ‘you.’

Woman lighting Bimbi candle on coffee table that's sitting next to a Bimbi reed diffuser

What can I do with my diffusers after they're empty? 

Diffuser Sticks

The diffuser sticks often hold their scent for quite some time after use. I'll place used sticks underneath the trash bag at the bottom of my garbage bin, in a closet (just make sure the sticks are dried out!), or even under the seat of your car for an extra little boost of scented goodness.

Glass Diffuser Bottles

Our glass diffuser bottles are 100% recyclable and can be placed in your recycling bin.

Wooden Caps

Our hand-turned wooden caps from our Maine supplier often absorb some of the fragrance and can be popped into a drawer for some extra scented joy.

Wooden diffuser caps with a hole in the middle


Our boxes are designed with an extra liner to protect the glass making them very durable. I often reuse mine to wrap gifts or ship packages! You can also recycle the boxes, if you prefer!

Alora diffuser and candle boxes placed in a geometric pattern

Whether you've recently discovered the World of Alora or you're a longtime fan, I hope you found this post informative. If you have any additional diffuser-related questions, please drop them in the comments below, and I'll get back to you. And follow us over on Instagram where I'm sharing the latest decorating, cooking, and gardening-related tips and tricks!

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  • Claudia Baker

    I just love Alora! From the many beautiful scents to the exceptional customer service! Thank you so much for providing such exquisite products! ❤️

  • Dr. Beverly Anderson

    I discovered Bimbi over 25 years ago at the Sanderling Inn Spa on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The scent is fresh, natural, and gentle. It’s the first scent that greets family at home and patients in my office and the only scent that doesn’t trigger my allergies.. Bimbi is the best for anyone with allergies. It’s especially nice in foyers, bathrooms, bedrooms and offices. My daughters and daughter-in-law have carried on the Bimbi tradition. Add to that the efficiency with which the shipments arrive after ordering and the marvelous way they are packaged. Alora Ambiance is an incredible company with a personal touch!

  • Gayle Wise

    Isola holds a memory for me. My husband and I were in Paris….and invited to the Vuitton Museum where candles were burning and the scent was divine. Isola is the closest I’ve come to it….and I have the old diffuser and a candle as memories.

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