Therese's Adventures in Italy: A Day on Capri

My hubby and I recently took a trip to the Amalfi Coast to capture content for the launch of our Mare fragrance. While there, we took a day trip to Capri, the enchanting island known for its magnificent rock formations and magical Blue Grotto. I'd been there before so it was nice not to feel the pressure of checking off all the must-see spots and simply enjoy "la dolce vita" - taking in the beauty of the island and of course, enjoying a delicious lunch!

Woman standing on staircase on Capri coastline

Getting To Capri

Capri isn't far from Sorrento. The boat ride over is only 30 minutes, and it's absolutely beautiful! There are ferries that depart from the Sorrento port, but since our hotel (the stunning Villa Fiorella Art Hotel) was outside of Sorrento, we hired a private boat (we used Lubrense Boats) that picked us up in the tiny port near our accommodations. This made for the perfect little day trip with the entire event taking ~7 hours including a cruise around the island and time to explore, shop and eat on Capri! 

Italian homes dotting the cliffside of Capri
Being in a smaller boat lets you approach the island closely, giving you an up-close look at its massive and rugged terrain. Watching the renowned Faraglioni rock formations come into view as you turn the corner on the southern side is a captivating part of the trip that can't be missed.
Large rocky standalone cliffs jutting out of the ocean

Woman and man taking selfie in front of cliffs in the ocean

One added benefit of renting a private boat is a visit to the Marina Piccola (little harbor), renowned for its crystal-clear blue waters. We took way too many photos of the water, but the one below is my fave!
Small boats bobbing in the blue water off the coast

On The Island

Once off the boat, we had about 4 hours to explore Capri. Having been there before, and having Ryan, my hubby, be up for my itinerary, we chose to walk up to the main town of Capri Town rather than taking a cab. It's definitely a good walk - all uphill! - but it takes you through quiet, hidden streets full of all sorts of fascinating discoveries!

Woman standing on a beautiful staircase in Capri, Italy

Via Mulo 2 ceramic sign on home with a map of Capri below
Baby angel marble sculpture on a column

 Shopping on Capri

Of course I had to get in a little shopping, and the one thing I wanted to treat myself to was a pair of Capri's famous "Roman" sandals. There are a few shops to choose from, but I'd read about a charming little shop, da Costanzo, where apparently Clark Gable bought a pair for Sophia Loren. The grandson of Antonio da Costanzo now runs the shop and made my sandals on the spot!
Italian shoe store filled with leather sandals of various types
Woman trying on strappy sandals in an Italian shoe store

Lunchtime on Capri

After shopping, it was time for lunch! We are big fans of asking the locals where to eat, so we followed the shoe shop gal's suggestion and headed to La Panorama. In typical Italian fashion, our food was outstanding and so was the view! I tried to refrain from snapping pics of every dish we ate on the trip, but I had to get one of my stuffed zucchini flowers. They are challenging to make so when I see them on a menu, I always order!

Plated stuffed zucchini flowersWoman sitting at a restaurant table on a patio that overlooks a bay

The lunchtime view of the Bay of Naples was a highlight of the day! If you are visiting Capri for the first time, I recommend taking the chair lift up to Monte Solaro, the highest point on Capri. The view of the Gulf of Naples with Vesuvius in the background along with the incomparable beauty of the blue sea will leave you in awe. 

Woman dining outdoors at restaurant on Capri

And For Dessert...

We skipped dessert at the restaurant and walked over to Gelateria Buonocore Capri where the line extended down the street with people waiting for their famous gelato. If you love gelato and get to Capri, this shop is a must-try! I remember stumbling upon this spot when I visited Capri in my 20's and was thrilled to discover it was still there. Craving some of that classic citrusy goodness of the island, we skipped the gelato and opted for a couple of their Caprilu Limone cookies. The heavenly mix of chewy, lemony-marzipan filling inside of a crisp sugar-dusted exterior was so good I had to go back and purchase a few more!

Caprilu Limone cookies in display case

Happy with my new sandals and full bellies, we enjoyed a lovely, lemon-scented descent on a perfectly windy street back to the marina (shown in the video below) where we hopped on the boat back to Sorrento.  

Close up of lemon trees in Capri

Here's one last peek at the stunning Grotta Verde (green cave). It's much smaller and easier to access than the famous Blue Grotto and made for the perfect little goodbye to this special island.

Green grotto
Woman sitting on the front of small boat on the ocean
If you find yourself in Southern Italy, you should definitely visit Capri, even just for a day. I promise the mix of natural beauty, Italian glamour and unforgettable views is something you won't regret.
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  • Grace Setai

    Thank you for the lovely blog. I love your products since 2002. I lived in Rome before the pandemic and I will organize more of us to go back this fall. Thank you for the tips.

  • Elizabeth Corman

    Thank you for all the tips. My husband and I will be there in September and I can’t wait!! Pics are wonderful.

  • Michael Pickart

    How wonderful….. I still have a pair of sandals I had made in Capri 25 years ago. You are so kind to share these images with us! xo


    Spectacular travelogue! I too adore I FIORI DI ZUCCA! AND AS YOU
    I always order them, sometime 2 and 3 plates!
    Thank you for these snippets of Italy and your luscious scents!

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