Therese's Adventures in Italy: Exploring Roma

Someone recently asked me if any of the Alora scents reminded me of places I visited in Italy. As I pondered what scents felt like 'Rome" to me, Bella was the first fragrance that came to mind. 

Bella's mix of beautiful and bold ylang-ylang alongside spicy ginger and zesty lemon feels like Rome - a sophisticated city filled with history and world-renowned landmarks, yet bustling with stunning scenery and cosmopolitan vibes.
From iconic monuments, to Roman pasta dishes, here are a few beautiful-like-Bella Roman memories from our time spent exploring the Eternal City this past summer...  

The Colosseum

Entering the most famous amphitheater in the world via this so-called gladiators' entrance made for an even more impressive approach for these kiddos as they visited The Colosseum for the first time together.   

The Pantheon

Even after 20 years, turning the corner to find this masterpiece still gave me goosebumps. I was feeling really lucky for all those visits in the past when there were no tickets, no lines and no barricades - my sis and I just strolled in and out at our leisure. Regardless, the visit this time was well worth the wait!

The Vatican 

I know my kiddos will go back to Rome someday, but standing in front of The Vatican with them was priceless! 

Trevi Fountain

This shot of Marie with my cousin and her daughter-in-law is a fave from our trip. It was hotter than hot in Rome this summer, but these beauties were all smiles in front of one of the most famous fountains in the world.

The Colosseum (again)

We visited The Colosseum a few times on our trip and were equally impressed each time. We even watched the movie Gladiator before one visit! From 90-year-old grandpas down to 9-year-old granddaughters, we all were envisioning the epic battles that took place in this iconic setting.


I love Rome's Trastevere neighborhood with it's charming cobblestone streets and ivy covered buildings. It was a treat to go back to Antica Osteria Rugantino - a restaurant known for some of the best traditional Roman food in the city and one of my favorite spots to dine.
Cacio e Pepe
I enjoyed many perfectly al dente bowls of cacio e pepe (a simple dish of spaghetti, pepper and Pecorino Romano cheese) on our trip. It's a dish I make often at home, but enjoying it in the city that made it famous is as good as it gets. 
Margherita Pizzetta 
This margherita pizzetta from Forno Campo De Fiori really hit the spot and brought back memories of visiting this famous piazza both when I was a college student and when my sis and I would travel down from Lake Como. 
Polpette alla Romana

By far my most favorite Roman dish is Polpette alla Romana - Roman meatballs. You'll find them on nearly every restaurant's menu in Rome with each insisting their "nonna's recipe" is the best. If this dish was on the menu, we ordered them. It didn't matter whose recipe it was, they were all buonissimo!     Via di Monserrato

Not far from Campo de' Fiori is a street called Via di Monserrato. Filled with art galleries, amazing boutiques and less touristy restaurants and places to enjoy a coffee, this tiny and quiet street in the middle of bustling Rome is worth a visit.
One of a zillion chic "bicicletta" shots I snapped in Rome! Chez Dede
A new shop I'd read about on Via Monserrato was Chez Dede. I was determined to visit this beautifully-curated shop owned by the talented duo, designer Daria Reina and her artist husband, Andrea Ferolla. 
Filled with luxurious silk scarves, bags, homewares, and limited-edition drawings and photographs, Marie and I spent over an hour oohing and aahing over all the incredible, one-of-a-kind items. 
New wallets for mom and Marie - we had to leave with something as a reminder of this very special spot!
It's fun to remember all of these special memories and I hope they inspire you to visit Rome someday. I'm confident you'll love all its beauty as much as I do!

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