Scent Stories: Uno

One of Alora's three original fragrances, Uno’s lovely trio of muguet, sandalwood and musk are the perfect balance of light and warm. It’s the most feminine scent in our collection and remains one of my favorite Alora scents because of both its rich history and aroma.

Uno's Origin Story

Being a big fan of muguet (the French term used for the lily of the valley flower in fragrance), my sis wanted to create a classic floral scent, sweet and feminine but with warmer notes to make it fitting for spring and summer and appealing to those who love floral fragrances year-round. By adding notes of sandalwood and musk, she landed on Uno - perfectly feminine and slightly sensual with a touch of warmth.
Uno, Italian for "one", was easy to name, since this was the first of our three signature fragrances along with Due ("two") and Tre ("three"). It's fun to look back at the original product packaging. At the time there were very few brands using kraft cartons and even fewer using fabric labels! 
We chose the scent's color - pretty purple - to represent the feminine muguet notes and the dark brown text to indicate the warmth of musk and sandalwood. 
 In 2017 we moved away from our original kraft boxes and enhanced our new boxes by adding linen texture, design elements, and, in the case of Uno, the delicate lily of the valley flowers that shine in this lovely scent. 

Numero Uno

I've always loved Uno. I find muguet's scent fresh and vibrant and have always adored sandalwood, so it's the perfect blend for me. I often find myself rotating back and forth between Uno and Caldo (which has sandalwood and warm amber) in my bedroom and also love Uno in my powder room or on my sun porch when the weather warms up in the spring. Sometimes I'll even dab a hint of Uno on my wrist as perfume before I head out the door!
It's always a treat to gift Uno to my fellow lily of the valley-loving friends whom each have a favorite spot in their home for this floral, green, and uplifting fragrance. Fellow Uno fans, where in your home do you like to place your Uno diffuser?

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  • Beverly Gere

    Uno was my first scent and I think there were only 3 back in my day too. I love Uno, but ventured out to Due and Tre…and more. They all have wonderful virtues for each space in my life.

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