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Mare reed diffuser surrounded by lemons, sea salt, and cedarwood pieces

Introducing Mare

I am so excited to introduce Mare, the newest fragrance to join the Alora Famiglia. Up until my sister retired from the business a few years ago, she had the lead role in scent development. From the beginning, our mission was to create both unique and sophisticated fragrances working closely with perfumers who understood the brand and our vision to create luxury scents for the home. And while I helped edit along the way, it was my sis who insisted we continue to revise and fine tune, sometimes resulting in several rounds of modifications, until she got the precise blend she wanted. 
I guess it's no surprise then, that I held the same standard when creating my first solo Alora fragrance. And, after my own fair share of revisions and refinement, I am thrilled with how this Mediterranean-inspired fragrance turned out. It’s beautiful, fresh, sophisticated and a lovely addition to the Alora collection. Read on to learn more about the notes that shine in Mare!


Mare's Inspiration

Inspired by my past travels to Italy’s breathtaking Amalfi Coast, I wanted Mare to capture the sophistication and simplicity of this iconic setting by tying together the natural aromas of the salty ocean with the lush lemon groves and dense cedar trees towering above the shimmering, deep blue Mediterranean sea. 

Woman sniffing lemons on a tree

Mare's Notes


The first note you'll notice when smelling Mare is fresh lemon, which is perfect because when you are on the Amalfi Coast, you notice that scent everywhere. It's incredible! There's also a touch of Italian bergamot, which is also fresh but gives a little sweetness too.  Together, both of these citrus notes add brightness to Mare and are reminiscent of sunny, joyful summer days.

Deep blue ocean with foaming waves

Woman lounging on the deck of a boat out at sea


Oceanic fragrances can vary from fresh to floral and even have woody undertones, all depending on what the marine notes are paired with. In Mare, a hint of cardamom adds warmth and spice to the salty marine note, so like the ocean, it's both refreshing and alive but also perfectly calm. 

Rocky coastline dotted with pines


Grounding all these notes together in Mare is cedarwood, known for its warm, woody and slightly balsamic aroma. Musk and sandalwood add some earthiness, and intertwined with the cedarwood, they are a nice nod to the sun soaked evergreens lining the cliffs above the sea.
 Mare reed diffuser sitting on a rocky beach

The Perfect Summer Scent

Altogether, the pairing of crisp citrus and salty marine anchored by creamy cedarwood, results in an utterly captivating scent that is refreshing, elegant, and perfect for summer.

Ornate Italian villas on cliffside edge of the Amalfi Coast

If you decide to try Mare, I hope that with one whiff, you’ll feel transported to a sun-soaked day on the Amalfi Coast surrounded by salty sea air, the scent of lush lemon groves and stunning coastal views.

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  • Chris Paulson

    I just spent a week on the outer banks and , after returning home, was missing the fresh smell of my ocean side house. Three days later, I received mare room diffuser and recognized that beautiful scent from the outer banks that I was missing. Amazing! Thank you for bringing part of my vacation back to me!

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