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It’s been 20 years since we launched Isola, Alora’s beloved island-inspired fragrance – a tropical blend of exotic gardenia and creamy tuberose finished with the perfect amount of fresh green fig.

Where It All Began

This longtime best seller launched in 2003 just after my sister and co-founder, Annie, moved to Honolulu, Hawaii. She was surrounded by lush beauty growing in her own backyard, nestled in a valley up from Waikiki Beach. The flora and fauna of the islands and special Aloha traditions influenced her creation of Isola.
Lush Hawaiian greenery overlooking a city
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About Isola's Notes


There are many fragrant flowers in Hawaii, but gardenia has always been my sister's favorite. One of my fondest memories of visiting is each morning when my sister's husband would pick fresh gardenia from their garden and place them next to our computers. The scent was heavenly! He also made the most beautiful flower arrangements so that rich, warm and intoxicating gardenia aroma was always permeating their home!

Lush gardenia flower
Gardenia flower in a blue glass vase next to two conch shells


Tuberose is another exotic white floral that grows in Hawaii. It's often used in lei making because the scent is longlasting. The delicate tuberose flower looks like the shape and form of roses unfolding, hence the name. It smells rich and creamy like gardenia but with a slightly sweeter note.


Balancing out the voluptuous florals in Isola is green fig. This note compliments the flowers' creaminess while adding a necessary freshness reminiscent of grass.
Green figs growing in a tree

Isola's Packaging Design

Below is a picture of the original Isola packaging from when we had fabric labels. Back then, we chose a box design element to represent the fragrance name. In this case, we used a coconut palm tree common on tropical islands like Hawaii.
Glass Isola diffuser bottle next to brown cardboard box with palm tree on the front and the word "Isola"


There is no guarantee how a new scent will be received, so it's been a delight seeing Isola become a 20-year best-seller. It didn’t take long to add an Isola candle to the product mix. Plus our recent launch of the hand wash and room spray have brought Isola lovers even more scented joy!
I'm an Isola fan too, but even more so than the beautiful fragrance, I love how the scent reminds me of the wonderful memories spent in Hawaii with my sister and our families. It's a perfect example of the evocative power of smell and how beautifully it brings back special memories.  Two women, two men, and three kids hanging out in Hawaii in front of a lush backyard
Whether you first experienced Isola in Hawaii on a honeymoon or received it as a gift, I'd love to hear where you discovered this beloved fragrance. Or, if reading this story inspires you to try Isola, I hope the hint of Hawaiian beauty transforms your space into an island oasis!
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