Room Sprays 101: My Favorite Ways to Spritz

I love the flexibility of room sprays. You can use them to add a little spritz of scent or a big dose of fragrance - you control your scent experience! They can mask unpleasant odors, add an extra layer of scent atop the existing diffuser and candle fragrances in your space, or - if you'd like to smell as good as your home - you can wear your favorite Alora scents as perfume too!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 20+ years running this home fragrance business, it’s that fragrance is very personal, both in which types of scents folks’ enjoy and where they prefer to use them. So today I’m sharing my seven favorite ways to spritz our room sprays in the hopes that you discover a few new ways to enjoy our exquisite sprays.

Five small glass spray bottles in various scents

1. Immediately Before Guests Arrive

Family, friends, the handyman, it doesn’t matter who it is, I love spritzing a gender neutral scent like Verde in the entryway right before guests arrive, so they can be immediately greeted by scented goodness!

Women spritzing room spray in entryway

2. In The Powder Room 

Probably the most used spray in my house is the one in my powder room. It fits perfectly on our old built-in glass holder. I rotate between Agrume and Arancia - both clean, citrus scents! I'm also sharing some other must-have items in my powder room over on Alora's Instagram page - check it out here.

Woman reaching for room spray bottle in bathroom

3. In The Kitchen After Cooking

Burnt toast, hardboiled eggs - whatever is stinking up your kitchen - a spritz or two of our heavier room spray scents like Vaniglia or Toscana can help alleviate lingering strong odors. It's a win-win!

Woman spritzing room spray in kitchen

4. In The Car

I love keeping an Alora spray in my car. A quick spritz is often necessary after a trip to the dog park or a post volleyball practice carpool pickup! Citrus faves like Agrume are my go-to!

5. On My Skin

I’ve been using a diffuser stick to dab gardenia-filled Arancia on my skin for years, as I love wearing it as perfume. Now I can give myself a spritz instead! 

Woman spritzing room spray fragrance on her arm

6. Layered Up

Sometimes I’ll add an extra layer of scent on top of my diffuser and candle fragrances. For example, right now I'm loving having a Verde diffuser in our family bathroom and using an Arancia spray to add an extra spritz of spring freshness!

Verde reed diffuser and Arancia room spray setting on the back of a toilet

7. On My Bed Linens

A little spritz of scent on my bedding makes crawling into bed at night a treat. I find if I spray the sheets in the morning, the scent is nice and subtle by evening. And a quick spritz of Bimbi is my go-to, the lavender and chamomile notes are so calming!

Woman spraying room spray on her bed sheets

And there you have it - seven great ways to enjoy our fresh and warm room sprays. In what ways do you love to use our sprays? Please share in the comments below, as I’d love to hear them!

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  • Linda Wallman

    Woke up this morning to your email about introducing Tre room spray. Finally, after being a Tre fan for so many years, I can add my favorite scent as a spray! I’ve asked many times, and I’m so happy that you’ve responded and added this. Your customer service is exceptional. So many times you’ve gone the extra mile to help me with an order, and this confirms how responsive you are to customer requests. Thank you, I’m placing my order today!

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