Alora Gift Guide: My Favorite Ways To Wrap Gifts This Season

I love wrapping Christmas gifts. From shopping for beautiful wrapping paper to tying the perfect ribbon, it's one of my favorite things to do during the holiday season. I'm typically drawn to more unusual paper, and I won't lie, I like the collection of packages under the tree to blend nicely together - another form of decorating my home you could say! Here are a few gift wrapping combinations I put together this year and some tips for wrapping Alora diffusers, hand wash, and room sprays!


Studio Carta

Like my collection of vintage holiday decor, I'm always on the lookout for pretty and unusual wrapping paper and one of my favorite sources is Studio CartaBorn in Rome, founder Angela Liguori works directly with Italian manufacturers to develop Studio Carta’s exclusive collections that are all made, sourced and inspired by Italy! Her ribbon options are amazing - so many colors and sizes to choose from and very addicting!
Large spools of Carta ribbons laying next to patterned wrapping paper rolls and a bowl of dried orange slices

Plaid Pairing

I paired one of Studio Carta's wider cotton ribbons in a deep green hue with this fun wrapping paper for my hubby Ry's gifts because he loves plaid. Classic and beautiful!
Plaid Christmas-colored wrapped gift tied with green ribbon

Recycled Wrapping

I love to reusing wrapping when I can. I recently received this gorgeous ribbon on a birthday gift from a friend and was delighted to pair it with this cheerful patterned paper. It was the perfect amount of ribbon for a bigger gift! Gift wrapped in green patterned paper and tied with a brown velvet bow

Birthday Gifts, Made Special

Here's another fun ribbon from Studio Carta with "Auguri" written on it which means "best wishes" in Italian. It makes for a fun way to wish someone a happy birthday. The celebratory ribbon worked perfectly here for a gift for a friend who has a December birthday. I brought the paper home from my birthday trip to Italy last year and love using it!
Deep pink paisley wrapped paper wrapped around a rectangular box and tied with a ribbon that says "Auguri"


I recently discovered this beautiful wrapping paper designed by Nayana Design Studio. The founder and artist behind all the beauty is Nayana, whose goal is to make every celebration a little more joyful, while honoring the beauty of the world around us. Her papers are absolutely gorgeous; I love the rich colors and unique hand-illustrated designs.

Tree of Life Wrapping Paper

For another special gift, I combined Nayana Design Studio's Japanese Maple Gift Wrap with a thin green velvet ribbon knotted around a dried orange slice. Perfectly botanical with a hint of scent, this package is almost too pretty to open!
Gift wrapped in red botanical wrapping paper and tied with a thin green velvet ribbon tied with a dried orange slice



I typically don't wrap Alora diffusers in wrapping paper because the packaging is so pretty. Instead, I'll tie a color-coordinating bow around the center of the box and let the custom packaging shine!
Festa diffuser box wrapped with red ribbon lying next to a Pino diffuser box on a wooden table
 Occasionally, I'll wrap the diffuser and pop a little scented element in under the ribbon as a nod to the fragrance's notes. For example, here I wrapped a Festa diffuser and slipped a cinnamon stick underneath the Festa-red ribbon. I did the same with an Arancia diffuser - wrapping it in orange-designed paper and adding in a dried orange slice.
Gift wrapped in red patterned paper and tied with a red ribbon with an cinnamon stick tucked in by the bow
Rectangular box wrapped in orange-printed wrapping paper, tied with a thin green ribbon with a dried orange slice tied on
Another option for wrapping diffusers is popping them into a pretty gift bag. There are so many different styles these days! Sometimes I match by scent, like a pine tree bag for Pino, but my favorite is a pretty Florentine printed bag from Italy. The colors on this one are perfect for the Festa gift set inside!
Patterned gift bag with diffuser sticks packet popping out the top


I’m a big fan of gifting our wonderful hand wash. It’s something that people don’t always splurge on, so it's extra fun to give this time of year. The glass bottles fit nicely into cloth bags, and - for the gardeners on your list - popping in a nail brush is the perfect touch!
Arancia glass hand wash bottle on cloth bag next to small bristle brush


Our room sprays make excellent stocking stuffers. They're a special surprise, and the fact that they can be spritzed in your space or on your skin makes them a real treat. Fun for your college-aged kiddos to take back to school too for an extra reminder of home!
Alora room spray bottle wrapped with a pink bow sitting on top of a Christmas stocking
A variety of vintage-wrapped gifts underneath a Christmas tree
Whether you feel wrapping gifts is a chore or a delight, I hope you are inspired by these beauties under my Christmas tree. Wishing you all sorts of joy and beauty this holiday season.
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