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After a busy 2022 filled with new product launches (including our beautiful new hand washes and the return of room sprays in our beloved holiday scents) and a couple wonderful trips to Italy, I'm grateful to begin another year sharing the newness coming to Alora in 2023. 

What's coming to Alora Ambiance in 2023?

1. A New Fragrance

I'm most excited to announce a new fragrance joining the Alora lineup this spring! Inspired by my visits to the breathtaking Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy, Mare (pronounced "mar - ay" and the Italian word for "the sea") marries notes reminiscent of ocean breezes off the Mediterranean Sea with the lush scent of lemons wafting from cliffside groves above, trees abundant with the famous Amalfi fruit. 

It's been a joy working alongside the perfumer to create our new Mare fragrance, and I totally agree with her thoughts: "Mare is a beautiful, aromatic, fresh marine fragrance that will perfectly complement the current Alora fragrance collection." Here in Minnesota we wait in anticipation for the warmer months every winter, so I am looking forward to having that hint of fresh ocean breeze in my home all year long! 

Lemon tree along oceanside cliffs with villas on them

2. More Room Sprays

It was fun to bring back room sprays for the holidays, and this year, we'll be adding more scents each season starting with fresh citrus favorites Agrume, Arancia, Bimbi, Toscana Verde and the new Mare scent this spring. I'm a big fan of using our room sprays like perfume, putting a spritz on my wrist or neck, but I also love adding an extra layer of scent to my space just before dinner guests arrive!

Keep an eye on our social channels and email updates for more information regarding official launch dates for these new products! 

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As always, I treasure the chance to connect with Alora fans, so please share your thoughts in the comments below any blog post or email me at Let me know your favorite Alora fragrance, what topics you'd like to hear more about in 2023, or just to say hello!

Wishing you a delightful year ahead!

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  • Jennifer Peters

    Another fan of Tre here…signature scent over 15 plus years!! Love it, don’t let it go away! Also cannot wait to try Mare!

  • Robbin W

    As I was reading the description of your new scent Mare, I could almost smell it in my head! I am very excited for its release!
    On another note…we live in a small boutique condominium building (two floors; 8 units) and in the area right outside our front door I always have one of your diffusers (which I change seasonally) placed on a shelving unit. It actually fills the lobby and stairwells with its scent and I get so many compliments from both residents and guests on how lovely the scent is! Alora adds so much class and charm to our whole building!! I am a huge fan!

  • Shari Umansky

    Please make more products with the original, UNO fragrance! In my opinion it is the best home scent EVER!

  • Claudia Baker

    I can’t wait to smell Mare! I love ocean scents! I’m sure this one will be wonderful!

  • Linda Wallman

    I was excited when I read the “teaser” for your new blog post hinting at the scents that would be added to room sprays and hand washes. Once again I was disappointed to learn that my favorite Tre did not make the list. I’m sure there are other Tre lovers out there who would love to see their favorite included in your new product launches.

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