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In January 2000 my sis and I incorporated Alora Ambiance, and - thanks to the incredible support from loyal fans like you - we are still bringing scented joy into your homes over 20 years later.
I'm thrilled to be jumping into the new year with some exciting Alora newness on the horizon. As a small business, new product launches take more time than they would for a big brand. My sister and I have been hands-on throughout every stage of the development process - from conceptualizing a new fragrance to making the final tweaks on product packaging. And while it can become a lengthy process, taking time to perfect every Alora product is something we've prided ourselves on since we started the business.
So what newness is coming to Alora Ambiance in 2022? 
1. Hand Wash
Liquid hand wash will be arriving this spring! We've spent many hours perfecting our formula to ensure your hands are both clean and moisturized, and - most importantly - smell like our signature Alora scents including best sellers Bimbi, Due and Isola as well as a few other fan favorites like Agrume, Arancia, Bella and Verde! 
Woman washing hands in a kitchen sink.
2: Room Sprays
For all of you room spray lovers, by fall your favorite Alora holiday scents will finally be available to spritz in the air, or - if you're like me - on your body too. I receive at least one email per week from fans begging for room sprays, so it feels good to finally add these little beauties into the Alora lineup. If you're interested in our room sprays, please tell me which Alora scent you'd most like to spritz here. I'd love to hear your feedback!
Two small fragrance bottles with wood caps. Bottles are labeled Due and Bella.
3. More Alora Blog Posts
I'll also continue sharing some of my favorite things as well as fun, informative product info on The Alora Blog I started last year. I love the chance to connect with Alora fans, so please share your thoughts in the comments found below any blog post or email me at and let me know what topics you'd like to hear more about. I'll do my best to deliver!
I'm feeling especially grateful to still be leading this successful small business and excited for the newness ahead.
Cheers to 2022!
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  • Jenn Pucely

    Yes to BOTH! 😉❤

  • Cheryl Perkins

    Would love ❤️ room sprays Due, is my absolute favorite.
    Can’t wait to see which ones you bring out. I too have suggested, great accent to diffusers.

  • Priscilla Arnold

    I used to order Isola room spray — and I am so happy you are planning to offer that again. I will most definitely be ordering when available. Thank you for bringing this back!!!

  • Jennifer Stewart

    Room sprays again – hooray! It’d be great if these spray bottles are “re-fillable” like the ones you’ve had in the past. I’d love to use Bella as a body fragrance, and Agrume is my favorite in-home fragrance all year round.

  • Lala

    Yay!! Can’t wait for room sprays! I remember when the small diffusers used to come with a spray top years ago – I used to use them as a room/body spray back then. But for R&D purposes, I would LOVE to see ISOLA and CALDO in room sprays PLEASE!! Longevity please too!

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